Microtracers-RF are iron powder colored with water soluble FD&C colors, designed to be used in feeds or premixes. Microtracers-RF may be assayed qualitatively using a Rotary Detector or the Mason Jar Technique in about two minutes. For qualitative tests, the tracer will yield a ring of color on a filter paper, indicating the presence or absence of the product it was coding. Microtracers-RF can also be determined quantitatively by eluting the dye from the tracer, reading its absorbance at a specific wavelength, and comparing it to a set of standard curves.


Retrieved Via Magnetic Separation
Particle Count >1,000/mg
Size 75-150 microns
Colors Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Brown, Others,
Solubility of Dye Water/Ethanol, 7% Sodium Carbonate (Lake)
Packaging Plastic Pails or 1-kg Jars


SDS – Microtracers RF

SDS – Microtracers RF-Lake

Quality Assurance With Microtracers RF

Quality Assurance With Microtracers RF-Lake