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We provide a range of services and technology for accurate analytical testing and interpretation of assay results and to increase our product efficiency.

Technical Specifications & Instructions

Digital Spot Counting & Result
Interpretation Tools

Microtracers App

The Microtracers Apps help provide fast and accurate counts of tracers on paper with it’s easy to use Spot Counter function.  ‘Mixer Testing’ and ‘Track Ingredients

Microtracer Mixer Study Program

Input data from Mixer Studies into the Microtracer Mixer Study Program to generate data on the % Microtracer recovery and completeness of mix.


Microtracer Web Portal

Use the Microtracer portal to

Analytical Kits, Supplies
& Services

  • Rotary Detection Kit
  • Mason Jar kit
  • Light Box
  • Magnetic Probe Kit

Order Complete Kits

To Order complete Kits, Replacement items for Kits & Supplies, Contact Us.

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Direct Assistance

Send collected samples to our Quality Assurance team or arrange for a Micro-Tracer representative to perform on-site sampling and testing.