Microtracers has recently completed the beta version of its Proprietary Spot Counting Program. The program was developed as a value added service to its customers, to simultaneously improve the ease with which quantitative data can be generated using Microtracers-F, and reduce subjectivity/human error from quantification procedures. Data generated in Microtracers’ research laboratory, using modified procedures to develop more uniform spots, suggests that the program will generate counts within 5% of actual 95% of the time, and within 3% in most cases (counting roughly 100 spots per filter paper). The Spot Counting Program can be downloaded below for free. It has been optimized for use with the Epson V33 Scanner, which can be purchased online for about $50.


  • Counts 100 F-Red or F-Blue particles per filter paper with a high degree of accuracy
  • Circles spots counted to ensure spots are not missed or spots are double counted
  • Saves scanned filter papers on the computer, to better record and share data generated
  • Can be installed in under a minute once downloaded

Microtacers Spot Counting Program

Spot Counting Program Instructions

Spot Counting Program Accuracy Report


Microtracers is in the process of developing microengraved tracers, utilizing technology from the semiconductor industry. The microengraved tracers will consist of particles no larger than 100 microns in diameter with lettering 10-20 microns in height. They will consist of entirely of FDA approved ingredients, be recoverable magnetically, and will be identifiable with a microscope. Customers will be able to write their name on the tracers they used (e.g. “Microtracers”).


Microtracers has patented a novel means for killing pathogenic bacteria in contaminated waters utilizing electrochemical (non-chloride electrolytes) and photochemical (generation of signlet oxygen) processes. In laboratory trials the two processes were found to have an additive killing effect. The proposed technology does not utilize chlorine and will be significantly cheaper than alternative means of killing bacteria, such as ozone, UV treatment, or microfiltering. Contact us for more information.


Pictures Microtracers is in the process of developing the first known tracer specifically generator for use in liquid and molasses based animal feeds. These “liquid” tracer consist of a solution of iron oxide-based nanoparticles containing other metals (e.g. cobalt) as coding material. The tracer can be recovered magnetically and the coding metal quantified using atomic absorption or other means. Link to articles.