Microgrits are used for research, to identify different feeds and track consumption of feeds by animals; and by industry, to code feeds as proprietary to discourage cheating and as a value added service to customers (to identify a product quickly and visually). Some of the advantages of Microgrits:

  • Microgrits can be visually identified when formulated in animal or poultry feeds at as little as 1 to 2 lbs per ton.
  • Microgrits possess minimal nutritional value and consequently will not generally bias research diet formulation.
  • Microgrits can be isolated as the coarse fraction of feed sifted through a 20 mesh USA Standard screen. They then can be counted, yielding data as to mix completeness.
  • Micro grits are identifiable in animal/poultry feces as further confirmation research feeds are properly formulated and consumed.


Specified Size 1-1.4mm
Identified Visually
Colors Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet,
Toxicity None
Packaging Fiber cartons with 4 ml polyethylene finer


SDS – Microgrits

Product Data Sheet – Microgrits