Microtracer FS tracers consist of stainless steel particles colored with food grade water soluble or water insoluble (lake) food dyes. They are similar to Microtracer F Tracers (iron grit carrier) in most regards, except FS-tracers have a longer shelf life and roughly twice the specified particle count. Microtracers FS tracers are use primarily to code drugs so they can be quantified in premixes and final feeds. FS Tracers are magnetically retrievable from feeds via a Mason Jar Test Kit (qualitative), Rotary Detector (qualitative or quantitative), or a magnetic probe (quantitative).


Retrieved Via Magnetic Separation
Particle Count 50,000/gram
Particle Size 125-250 microns
Colors Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Brown, Others,
Solubility (dye) Water/Ethanol, 7% Sodium Carbonate (lake)
Packaging Plastic Pails


SDS – Microtracers FS

SDS – Microtracers FS-Lake