We Manufacture Analytical Tracers

For Animal Feed Quality Assurance Since 1961.

Product Applications

Microtracers are analytical tracers used to assure the quality of formula feeds.

All Product Applications

When formulated in a feed product or in a vitamin, mineral or medicated premix, microtracers serve to:

  • Mark the feed product and the feed containing it as proprietary
  • Allow extensive analyses by the feed manufacturer to detect manufacturing errors
  • Document efficacy of mixing as well as adequacy of batch to batch ‘cleanout’

End-to-End Support

For mixer and cross contamination tests:
Micro-Tracers provides advice on study design, data interpretation, and processing of samples, if on-site analysis is not possible.
For tracking ingredients:
Micro-Tracers will provide a free consult to better understand your needs, advise available exclusive tracers, perform stability testing, provide detection apparatus, and assist with developing your testing protocols.
Micro-Tracers provides rotary detectors, mason jar kits, and other materials to support the use of our tracers.


Microtracers App

The Microtracers App helps provide fast and accuarate counts of tracers on paper with it’s easy to use Spot Counter function.

Microtracers Web Portal

The Microtracer web portal is a free value added service that syncs with the MT apps.  Use it to track ingredients, generate mixer testing data, and more.

Microtracer Mixer Study Program

Input data from Mixer Studies into the Microtracer Mixer Study Program to generate data on the Microtracer recovery and completeness of mix.


Our Story

Since 1961, Micro-Tracers, Inc. has manufactured analytical tracers used for quality assurance purposes by the animal feed industry. Microtracers have been formulated by Elanco (formerly Eli Lilly), Zoetis (formerly Pfizer), Zinpro and other major animal feed and animal health companies world-wide to identify their products as proprietary.

We are the only company in the world whose primary focus is manufacturing analytical tracers used for quality assurance purposes by the formula feed industry. We also manufacture colored corn cob grits for coding commercial and research feeds, as well as selenium sources for use in manufacturing feed premixes.

Meet Our Team

David Eisenberg


Zachary Eisenberg

Vice President

Dr Nikolay Barahskov

Director of R&D and Technical Services

Mark Carlson

Senior R&D Chemist

Micro-Tracers has around approximately 30 distributors all over the world.